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The Health Benefits of Knitting and Crochet: Part 1

Get Well with Yarn! Health Benefits of Knitting and Crochet. By Kathryn Vercillo Knitting and crochet are habits that offer the opportunity for deep relaxation. This, in turn, gives crafters a variety of health benefits. It may seem obvious that yarncrafting can reduce stress-related health conditions. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are other significant benefits including symptom relief for mental health conditions as well as the reduction of physical pain. You don’t need to be a master crafter to reap the benefits of knitting and crochet; even learning the simplest stitches can put you on...

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Our Local Yarn Shops

Supporting Your Local Yarn Shops Our Network of Plymouth Yarn Retailers   Knitting is an undertaking that involves and fosters community. The act of making something with yarn is often an act of love and intention. Another dimension is the circle of friends that knitters make while they are engaging their passion and sharing it with others. Knitting circles have been a tradition for as long as their has been the ability to knit. We see the modern local yarn shop as an extension of that network and we are proud to say that our yarns are available at...

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Happy Feet Splash 100 Hand-Dyed

Dance with your Happy Feet Splash 100 Hand-Dyed! We suggest you cover those happy feet with some socks made from our blend of Soft Merino wool and strong nylon which makes our Happy Feet Splash 100. This combo gives great stitch definition and offers a “spring-to-the-step” of this yarn. We offer bright, hand-dyed color that looks “splashed” and very wearable. This yarn is perfect for knitting a pair of socks, gloves, hat, wrist warmers or that cowl you’ve always wanted to make. The colors are self-striping and will bring an artsy and fun feel to your projects! Happy Feet Splash...

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Nettle Grove

Nettle Grove from Plymouth Yarn Sport Weight Goodness Made in Italy!   Nettle Grove from Plymouth Yarn Company is a unique blend of cotton, linen, nettle fibers. This Sport/DK  weight yarn is super soft and light with a sensitive drape. Made in Italy, this yarn is part of Plymouths’ Italian collection. We have been working with some of the worlds best mills in Italy to make high quality yarns that are incredible work on your favorite projects with. This yarn is perfect for summer patterns like shirts, shawls and wraps.   Here is a five star review form

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Nako Denim

Nako Denim That heathered look of your jeans in yarn form! This worsted weight blend of cotton and acrylic has a crepe twist for excellent stitch definition. Made in Turkey. Denim is a 60% cotton yarn, which behaves like denim fabric. We love denim because it provides that fade-over-time feel that brings back memories for all us. Suitable for all-year-round knits, this yarn showcases textured stitches and cabling very well. You can find this fabulous yarn at a Local Yarn Shop near you that carries Plymouth Yarns. You can also find more information about yarns, patterns and projects ideas on...

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