Author: Plymouth Yarn

Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow by Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca and Pima Cotton – So good together! Plymouth Yarn needed a yarn with warmth and breathability and next- to -skin softness that would make the perfect season spanning garment. Incorporating the chainette construction insured it would be lighter than air! The name Moon Shadow is inspired by how the light is softly diffused by the Baby Alpacas halo much like the shadow of the Moon. Organic Pima Cotton was added for comfort and durability. We tossed around the name for a few weeks and it stuck! The entire team at Plymouth couldn’t...

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Spring Cleaning: How to Marie Kondo Your Craft Space

Making your craft area efficient and beautiful using the Marie Kondo Technique By Kathryn Vercillo Marie Kondo’s KonMari method of decluttering has taken the world by storm. Whether or not you like her books and Netflix show, there’s something to be learned from her approach. Even if it doesn’t suit you completely, you can take away a few tips for creating a more organized craft space. The easier it is to see and access your craft supplies, the simpler and more inspiring it is to get to work. Start with a Fresh Look at the Space In her Netflix...

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9 Ways to Cozy Up Your Craft Space

9 Ways to Cozy Up Your Craft Space By Kathryn Vercillo Feeling cozy is a little bit like feeling comfortable, but it goes so much deeper than that. Cozy is when you feel completely warm and safe, both on the outside and in your heart. Cozy is the toasty heat from a fireplace that matches the glow from your own soul. Cozy is when you’re all tucked in beneath a handmade blanket and it feels like your grandmother is giving you a hug. Cozy is a treat, and it’s a treat that you can give yourself every single day,...

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How to Teach Kids to Crochet

How to Teach Kids to Crochet By Kathryn Vercillo When you teach a child to crochet, you give them a gift. It’s a skill that they can come back to time and again throughout their lives. Plus, it has a lot of benefits for children, not the least of which is that it allows them to develop their motor skills, practice math, and exercise creativity. In fact, did you know that Waldorf schools teach knitting and crochet to students all throughout elementary school? The benefits may be obvious. But how exactly do you go about teaching a child to...

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How to Choose the Warmest Yarns for Winter Crafting

How to Choose the Warmest Yarns for Winter Crafting by Kathryn Vercillo Winter is the perfect time to work with warm, cozy yarn. During the hot summer months, some fibers can just feel too uncomfortable, but when it’s chilly outside it feels great to knit or crochet with those exact same materials. If you’re looking to load up on warm yarn, keep your eye on natural animal-based fibers. However, don’t rule out thick synthetic yarn as a possible option. Qiviut: The Warmest Yarn for Knitting and Crochet If you are trying to find the warmest yarn there is, then...

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