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The Viento Yarn

The yarn we all can’t stop talking about! We’ve described other yarns as soft and weightless. But we were wrong. This is the softest, most luxurious weightless yarn we’ve ever made. Did you know that baby alpaca wool was once a luxury reserved for Royalty? A former common name for this soft textile was “The Fiber of the Gods.” Once you get your hands on this unbelievably soft, silky and warm yarn you will understand why. Plymouth’s Yarn, the “Viento” yarn is 70% comprised of baby alpaca fiber and 30% bamboo. The chainette construction provides strength and drape for...

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Holiday Crafting Plan: Stay Organized and Excited Through Year’s End

Holiday Crafting Plan: Stay Organized and Excited Through Year’s End By Kathryn Vercillo The holidays are rapidly approaching. As usual, you plan to knit or crochet a few gifts. Plus, you want to hand craft some of your holiday décor. However, what starts off right around now as a feeling of excitement can quickly become something much less fun. As the holidays get closer, it can feel like they’re a deadline instead of a delight. Staying organized and ahead of the game will help you remain excited crafting all the way through to the new year.   Make a...

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Cielo Yarn from Peru The Ultimate Winter Bulky-yet-Soft Yarn Winter is simultaneous with “cozy sweater weather.” Plymouth Yarn has the secret tool for your ultimate comfy winter sweater: the Cielo yarn. The Cielo yarn hails from Peru packed with soft warmth in its bulk. The best part of the Cielo yarn? Even though it has the staple heavy winter look, it is as light weight as your summer bikini (or near to it). Stock up on Cielo this fall to prepare for the winter while you can, you will love slipping this yarn over your needles! Cielo Love “Love...

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Natural Bebe by Nako

Nako Natural Bebe Yarn Snuggle – Approved Yarn Natural Bebe is, true to its French-inspired name, perfect for baby-wear. The yarn is comprised of Bamboo, Cotton, and Acrylic which together provide snuggle-worthy garments for baby or you. Bamboo is well known for its soft, touchable quality, and this is evidently present in the Natural Bebe yarn. This triple material yarn was designed by Plymouth Yarn and manufactured from Turkey. Yarn Love Spinnin’ Yarns says, “Nako Natural Bebe is a luscious blend of bamboo, cotton and acrylic.  The feel of this yarn is fabulous.” Our Natural Bebe Comes in 11...

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The Health Benefits of Knitting and Crochet Part 2

The Health Benefits of Knitting and Crochet Pt. 2 Yarncrafting through the Darkness by Kathryn Vercillo This is the second part of a two part blog on the health benefits of needle arts Crochet and Knitting Through Grief Grief is a unique situation that isn’t quite a mental health condition but has some of the same features. It is something that unfortunately we all have to experience at one time or another in our lives. Even though we know that, when we go through it we often feel very alone. Knitting and crochet have been found to offer an...

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