Author: Plymouth Yarn

Merino Textura: Worsted Goodness

Plymouth Yarn Merino Textura A Worsted Weight Yarn with texture Are you ready to revisit a yarn that has the perfect texture for your next sweater, scarf or accessory? Merino Textura is a fantastic thick and thin superwash fine merino and merino wool blend worsted weight yarn! The texture makes it great for comfort and the worsted weight for control and utility. Merino sheep originated in Spain, but most of the animals used today for this type of wool were domesticated many years ago in New Zealand and Australia. Merino wool is some of the finest and softest wool...

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A Look At Pendenza

Pendenza Perfect from Plymouth Yarn! A gorgeous, sloping color in this DK Weight Yarn. We released Pendenza in the Spring of 2017 to much acclaim from many of you. In fact, we received enough support and positive feedback over the past year that we wanted to highlight it this month in Plymouth Yarn Magazine. Pendenza is an old world yarn with new world possibilities. The word Pendenza means “gentle slope” or “gradient” which is a perfect description for the slope of the color changes in this beautiful yarn. Made in Italy a self-striping yarn with long color changes. 100%...

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