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Poppin’ Fun

One of the new yarns from Plymouth for Fall 2009 is called Poppin’.  This is a nylon puff yarn- with small Pom-pons along a core strand.  As soon as I saw it I knew we had to have it.  But it took awhile to figure out how to work with it.   It ended up being easier to work with than I thought it would be, and will give you a great scarf in a minimum of time. Linda from Knitter’s Dream in Harrisburg, PA made some changes to one of the patterns I did for this yarn and those...

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It’s Never Too Early

Use your summer knitting time to get ready for Christmas.  Small items- just the kind that make great Christmas presents are the perfect type of portable projects for the summer.  We all tend to be on the move more in the summertime, so a small -grab it fast!- project is just the kind of thing you want to be working on. I would like to suggest this Sinsation scarf.  It is small, very, very easy, and fast to whip up.  You will want to make several. The yarn- Sinsation- is one of the softest, most luxurious chenilles you will ever...

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Summer Driving Gloves???

I’ll get to the title later… One of our more popular yarns in recent years is a cotton/acrylic blend called JEANNEE WORSTED.  This is a multistranded yarn – very soft- very easy to knit.  The compostion makes for very comfortable summer knitting, and there are so many colors available. Riding on this yarn’s success, we added JEANNEE CHUNKY and JEANNEE DK to our line- up.  JEANNEE CHUNKY is great for heavier cold weather garments- still light weight enough to wear inside, yet warm & cozy on the body.  The DK weight version has been very well received as a...

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Summer Knitting

Happy Memorial Day to all!  I hope many of you were able to get outside and enjoy some wonderful weather- maybe even a cook- out.  Most of all- I hope you did something enjoyable to celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer! I spent the weekend as I have every Memorial Day weekend for the past 10 years – with my daughter at a large Dance Competition in Lancaster PA.  The weekend always gives me some much needed knitting time.  Since small easy projects are the best for me to work on in the subdued lighting of the resort’s large...

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For Spring 2009, Plymouth introduced a new cotton/rayon/silk blend yarn with beautiful striping- KUDO.  Much like its winter cousin- BOKU- this yarn’s subtle transitioning from one color to another is intriguing. When setting the gauge for KUDO, I went with a somewhat looser look to allow the yarn to drape softly.  The garments knitted in this yarn work so well at this gauge- producing body hugging with the tighter fitting garments, and draping with the capes and shawls.  I had a shop owner tell me recently that several of her customers were knitting the Clapotis (see for the pattern) with...

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