I am thrilled at the current hot thing for Fall 2009.  Cowls are all the rage!  The wonderful thing for knitters is that they are very simple to make and look great in big yarns on big needles.

Trabaojos del Peru is the perfect yarn for a fall cowl.  The yarn is soft, cozy, and warm around the neck and works up fast on size 13 needles for a gently draping cowl.  The blending of colors makes the knitting a joy to watch develop.  The size of this cowl makes it quite versatile- around the neck, or over the head as a hooded scarf.

Follow this pattern from Carol Crowley of Carol’s Needleworks to quickly knit a mobius cowl you can wear this weekend!


Trabajos del Peru Mobius Cowl

Trabajos del Peru Mobius Cowl

Trabajos del Peru Mobius Cowl

Materials:  2 hanks of Trabajos del Peru.

Needles:  #13- 32” circular needles,  1 stitch marker.

Gauge:  Not too important- about 3 sts =1″.

NOTE:  Usually when working in the round, you’re instructed NOT to twist your stitches.  This pattern is an exception.  When you join, you are to insert a twist to make the mobius hug you!

Loosely cast on 100 sts, place stitch marker, and join with a twist,

Round 1:  Purl.
Round 2:  Purl.
Round 3:  *K1, P1* around.
Round 4:  *P1, K1* around.
Round 5:  Knit.
Round 6:  Knit.
Round 7:  *K1, P1* around.
Round 8:  *P1, K1* around.
Repeat these 8 rounds 6 more times.
Repeat round 1 & 2 once more.
Bind off loosely on next round in ribbing.
Weave in all ends.