While perusing the ravelry archives, I found this neat designer who is lovingly called,

“The Stitch Poet.”

Now, I know many of you have rode the felting train. You’ve hopped off at a station long ago and moved onto socks, lace knitting, etc.– perhaps never to venture into the shrinking wool phenomenon.

BUT there is much to be said of the artist who makes felting more of an art.

The Stitch Poet’s hand bags are one of a kind gems; using buttons, felted beads, ruffles.


Cootie Clutch has a very urban animal print


Don’t like knitting with intarsia/bobbins? Try this simple clutch, using exquisite needle felting techniques and hand made beads that match perfectly to the bag

Her felted creations use Plymouth Galway Worsted.

Plymouth Galway Worsted has an endless amount of colors to inspire any fiber-artist. Just take a look and you will see the colors have endless possibilities to match many wardrobes and seasons.

You can find where to purchase her eclectic patterns on her website.