Royal Llama Silk Hat by Jan Wise

Royal Llama Silk Hat by Jan Wise

I promised last month that I would get you the pattern for this really fine hat by Jan Wise.  After some coaxing she agreed to share her talents.  Here is the pattern.   NOTE:  PATTERN HAS BEEN CORRECTED FOR THE TURNING ROW. jbt

Thanks Jan, and Happy Knitting to all


Slouchy Hat With Picot-Edge
Designed by Jan Wise, Mount Vernon, WA – June 24, 2009
Materials:  2 skeins Plymouth Yarn Royal Llama Silk
(shown in #1002/Gray, #1844/Moss and #1842/Denim)
(102 yds per/skein) or 200 yds worsted weight yarn

Needles:  US Size 6 (4.00 mm) – 16” circular
US Size 8 (5.00 mm) – 16” circular and 5 double points
Or sizes needed to obtain gauge

Gauge:  4.5 stitches = 1-inch on size 6 needles
4 stitches and 6 rows = 1-inch on size 8 needles

Sizes:  Finished sizes 19.55, 20 – inches at band/opening

TERMS: Kf&b – knit front and back of stitch to make increase
K2 tog – knit two stitches together to decrease

Using the smaller circular needle, cast on 88 (90) stitches.
Leave a long tail (18-24 inches) to use when sewing up hem.
Join without twisting, place marker between first and last sts.

Rounds 1-4:  Knit
Round 5 (turning row):  *YO, K2tog*, repeat to end of round.
Rounds 6-10:  Knit
Round 11:  Purl
Round 12:  Knit
Round 13:  Purl
Rounds 14-15:  Knit
Round 16: *YO, K2tog*, repeat to end of round.
Round 17-18:  Knit
Round 19:  Purl
Round 20:  Knit
Round 21:  Purl
Rounds 22-24:  Knit
Round 25 (increase rnd):

19.55-inch Size:  [(K2, k1f&b) x3, K1, K1f&b] x8 (120 sts)

20-inch Size:  *K2, K1f&b*, repeat to end (120 sts)

Change to larger circular needle

Rounds 26-27:  Knit

Pattern Stitch:
Round 28:  Purl
Round 29:  Knit
Round 30:  Purl
Rounds 31-36:  Knit
Repeat Rounds 28-36 Two more times (ending on Round 54).

Shape Top:
Round 55:  Purl
Round 56:  Knit
Round 57:  Purl
Rounds 58-62:  Knit
Round 63 (decrease round): *K1, K2 tog*, repeat to end (80 sts)
Round 64:  Purl
Round 65:  Knit
Round 66:  Purl
Round 67:  Knit
Round 68 (decrease rnd):  *K2 tog*, repeat to end (40 sts)
Round 69:  Knit
Round 70 (decrease rnd):  *K2 tog*, repeat to end (20 sts)
Round 71:  Knit
Round 72:  Purl
Round 73 (decrease rnd): *K2 tog*, repeat to end (10 sts)
Round 74:  Purl
Round 75:  Knit

Cut yarn.  Thread tail through remaining stitches.  Pull tightly and fasten off on inside of hat.  Weave in end.
Turn under the hem at the bottom/beginning of the hat and sew in place with tapestry needle using the long beginning tail.  Weave in ends.