Author: Allison

Knitting needles find Cancer?

You really have to read this story to believe it. A lady fell and her knitting needle broke in her chest.  At the hospital the needle was removed.  Upon further review of the Xray they discovered breast cancer .  This aired last Friday on ABC’s 20/20  and it is a freaky random thing, but we all know that early detection is key to fighting this...

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TNNA 2009

I am still catching my breath from our national convention last week.  Plymouth displayed our newest yarns at the tnna.  This show is for wholesalers/distributors to show our yarns to the yarn shops (not open to the public).  It was an interesting weekend.  The weather was typical for June in Columbus, OH;  Hot and Humid with a chance of rain….and typical for Bristol, PA; this month too.  Enough about the weather – let’s focus on the show.  The fashion show took place Friday night: This is the Galway Diamond Sweater that graced the runway… We also showed a Pirate...

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Knitting For Your Health

CBS News reported recently that Knitting is Good for your Health. This is something that many knitters have known for years.  I have heard personal stories from people who have quit smoking, writers who overcome “writers block” all by just picking up their needles and knitting.  It is a truly amazing thing.  I welcome your stories and look forward to posting your comments. copy and paste this link into your browser (it doesn’t work any other way)...

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Knitta in Brooklyn

Knitta Please – a group of knitters that have struck again. The following photo’s were taken by a fellow lover of knitting and yarn. She sent me these pic’s and I was really psyched. What an “off road” way to travel. A town in Brooklyn, New York; is sponsoring an event, “Meters on Montague Street” From May 14th through mid-June. It is such a unique way to display knitting. I just hope those meter maids are nice enough to pass by the “expired meter”. I can hope, can’t I? I would appreciate some feed back on this group and...

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Stay Home and Knit

Knitting has always been a relaxing hobby. But today, we are faced with changing economic times – flu epidemics – etc. This makes it a wonderful time to stay home – spend quality time with your family and knit!  Back to the...

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