Month: September 2012

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Knit if I Want To!

Hi, I’m Heidi Sunday, a new guest blogger here.  I have some ideas about what I will brag about, and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get on here.  Soon, I am planning to post a free pattern for the crocheted scarf I am wearing, the “Tranqwool Seaweed” pattern for 1 skein of Passion Nette, dreamed up by Jenni Pfaff at Tranqwool Knitting Provisions in Spencer, NC.  Stayed tuned!  I am too busy knitting and doing some heavy duty relaxing to finish the pattern right...

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Wilde Free Pattern

Happy Friday Folks! I saw this one and fell in love, I think I’ll take a stab at this weekend and I will keep it all for myself!  Enjoy this free Wild Triangular Shawl pattern, on me.  Feel free to reciprocate at happy hour today…. F429 WILDE Triangular Shawl F429 Wilde Triangular Scarf PDF Approx. Measurements: 24” long, 60” wide Wilde: 5—100G skeins, color: Brown with Tan. Gauge:  2.5 sts, 3.2 rows= 1” in garter stitch on size 15 needles. Needles: US Size 15 long circular. Loosely cast on 14 sts. Working in garter st (knit every row), increase...

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Talk Like A Pirate Day Top 10

Talk like a pirate day be a favorite here at Plymouth Yarn. Take a look at our Top 10, slightly Plymouth Yarn related, reasons to be a pirate… Aaarrrggghhh! 10.  We know right where to pillage for 24k! Here, there is always a Goldrush!   9. Ye get to travel. Think of all the uses ye will get out of that shawl ye made while cruising on those beautiful, blue Caribbean waters! 8. Open Up Davey Jones’ Locker, ye can basically wear whatever ye wish.  Pull out that sweater with the uneven sleeves, that scarf that ye made way...

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Glitter it up!

“Crochet is alive and well in Minneapolis!” This is evident when you step foot into StevenBe, an elegant yarn workshop located at 3448 Chicago Ave in Minneapolis, MN.  Many of you know Steven Berg as the “Glitter Knitter” and his beautiful shop lives up to his reputation with a sparkling chandelier and plush chairs to welcome you.  Sit back, grab your hooks and needles and enjoy the lovely mix of animal prints and fine art that adorn the space.  Imagine all this while creating your masterpiece with classical music or even a live harp playing in the background. There...

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